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Tips and Tricks on Playing 8 Ball Pool

August 4 2017

8 ball pool is a widely popular game around the world. However, it can take up lots of your time if you do not play wisely. There are some tips and tricks about the game that you should remember. I will write about those here. You can also visit www.my8ballpool-hack.com to learn more about 8 ball pool cheats. 

8 Ball Pool Tips and Tricks

Following are some important tips and tricks on playing 8 ball pool.

Know and Follow the Rules

These rules are important to remember.

•    The shot will be a foul, if a ball does not hit the edge around the table. It will let your opponent have a chance to move the cue ball wherever they want on the table. 
•    You will lose the game and when you pot the black and the cue ball also goes down. 
•    You should pot the black after all you’re your object balls have been potted.

Choose Wisely

If you are a beginner, you should be careful about choosing your table. There are several tables. However, you should not go for tables with larger entry fees at the beginning. Instead, you should stick to the Downton London Pub until you get a goof=d grip on your pool cue. Then, you should try to move on to Sydney. You need to wait until you are skilled enough for playing the high-stakes tables.

The Break 

There are several types of break in the game. The most efficient of them are:

•    Hit the first ball on the triangle straight on. Then, use the top spin to drive through the pack.
•    Hit the second from end ball as clearly as you can. Use full backspin for this, which will cause the cue ball to hit the cushion. Then, it will go back into the pack again.

Visit the App Daily

Opening the app daily will let you get a free spin on the Spin and Win lever. You do not have to play a full round for this. You can earn cash, coins, or mystery boxes with spins. This will help you to start building your coin and cash collection.

Spots or Stripes

You need to decide carefully whether to choose spots or stripes, as this could help you win. You should consider the position of all the balls on the table before deciding.

Buy Better Cues 

As a beginner, this will be a great advantage for you. Use your initial coins to upgrade your cue, and you will get more success. The initial cues are okay. However, the upgraded cues will provide you great benefits.

The Power

You should concentrate on the amount of power you use on your shots, besides concentrating on the accuracy of the shots. You need to judge how much power is required for that particular shot and adjust accordingly. 

These tips and tricks should help you to play 8 ball pool better. Visit www.my8ballpool-hack.com for further information.  

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